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Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East


★★★ | 1-16-1, Shintomi, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0041, Japan

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The Apartment Hotel, Mimaru offers you the best experience if you're travelling in bigger group or as a family. Enjoy a Luxury stay close to the sporting event locations in their pristine and comfortable rooms.

It is only a few hundred metres away from Kyoka Square and Wakayama Art Museum. There are also other popular landmarks close by such as the Sakuragawa Monument, Hoju Inari Shrine and Shintomi Inari Shrine.

The Apartment Hotel Mimaru offers Air con, free toiletries and wifi as well as stovetops on request. With its great use of space and group friendly amenities the hotel is the perfect central destination for large groups and families.

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