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TOBOX23 Boxing 06/08/21 14:00

High Priority Medal Match. Category A : Reserved (Seating) / Category B : Reserved (MASU Box Seat) / Category C : Reserved (Seating) / Category D : Reserved (Seating) * "Masu" seats are traditional Japanese box seats commonly found at sumo tournaments. Each box is surrounded by a low fence.* Spectators must remove their shoes, and are seated on the floor. * Please note that you may be seated in a box with people who not in your group, and that members of your group may be seated in different, adjacent boxes.



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Kokugikan Arena, Heritage Zone

Scheduled Date and Time: 07/08/2020 14:00-15:35

Women's Middle (69-75kg) Semifinals

Men's Light (57-63kg) Semifinals

Men's Heavy (81-91kg) Final

Men's Heavy (81-91kg) Victory Ceremony

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